Let It Breathe (Australian Pink Clay Milk Soap)

Let It Breathe (Australian Pink Clay Milk Soap)

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Just Let It Breathe with a your very own handmade spa in a bar! This beautiful infusion of Australian reef red clay, milk, and coconut oil specialises in tissue regeneration and skin detox. It pampers your skin with a treatment that gently draws out all the impurities from your skin, allowing it to finally breathe again. So just let it breathe and unleash the natural glow of a well nourished-skin!

- Refine delicate lines
- Moisturize
- Improve the overall texture of the skin.  ♥

• 有機粉紅礦物泥 【澳洲粉紅礦物泥乳皂】

Net Weight: 100 grams