Masala Chai (Cinnamon Ginger Soap)

Masala Chai (Cinnamon Ginger Soap)

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A favourite in Southeast Asia for it's detoxing properties, this spiceful blend of masala chai is able to improve blood circulation, despell unwanted gas and relief muscle pain. It's a perfect companion for women in confinement and senior citizens. Just be careful not to mistake this soap bar with your favourite drink!

薑有驅寒、驅風,促進肌膚血液循環,有利於腰酸背痛、緩解肌肉疼痛,行氣活血的功效。而且含手磨老薑粉 及豐富的薑精油, 特別合坐月子的媽媽及身體容易感到冰冷的人士使用。

Net Weight: 100g

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