Mermaid Tears (Bath Salt)

Mermaid Tears (Bath Salt)

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Legend tells that the tears of a mermaid can preserve the skin's youthfulness.
What we discovered, was that the pink Himalayan sea salt could actually be a mermaid's crystalized tears and if not, it’s surely similar!

Not only does it provide a gentle exfoliation that soothes our muscle joints but it also balances the hydration of our skin. So give the Mermaid Tears a try and enchant your next cleansing ritual into a luxury spa experience!

Naturally scented with lavender, to offer a calming cleanse or rose water with anti-inflammatory properties.

    Take a first try by your favorite flavor choice between Rose & Lavender, we sure you will be fell in love with the salt bath soon. 

    How to use: 

    Method 1. Apply on wet body skin after bath (rinse of shampoo, body wet condition), scrub it softly with hand from neck to toe, rinse off salt from body to be done ~ ♥

    Method 2. Be sure to stir the bath salts into bath tub water and circulate them well.

    Net Weight: 250g 


    • 紓解壓力
    • 舒緩肌肉酸痛
    • 血液循環
    • 皮膚營養吸收
    • 舒緩頭部疼痛
    • 幫助睡眠
    • 舒緩關節疼痛
    • 排出身體毒素
    • 保濕
    • 去角質

    方法一: 沖涼后(把身上的肥皂沖洗后,身體還濕的狀態)把浴鹽塗抹在身體部位上后用手輕輕地搓,然後最後用清水沖洗即可 ~ ♥

    方法二: 將浴鹽灑進浴缸溫熱水里攪均匀使用。