Magic Balm

Magic Balm

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Let our enchanted Magic balm cast away unwanted stubborn skin impurities like you have never experienced before!  Magic balm is made from gromwell root that accelerates natural healing of wounds as it is also rich in Vitamin B12, calcium and potassium.  Gromwell root promotes the effect of swelling reduction and antibacterial properties. This is effective for eczema relief, reduction of face acne, itchiness relief and fungal infection. Our ingredients are natural and preservative-free which is suitable for any skin type. Try it and bedazzled by our Magic Balm now!

Effective works well on:
▪ Eczema relief
▪ Wound healing
▪ Sterilize acne
▪ Anti-inflammatory
▪ Anti-fungal
▪ Itchy relief


紫草富含維生素B12、鈣、鉀等,可以幫助受傷細胞加速復原,並提高肌膚張力,具有消腫祛瘀的作用,也有抗菌和消毒的效果,適用於濕疹、麻疹、蚊蟲叮咬、燒傷燙傷等,可有效舒緩皮膚敏感,減少粉刺暗瘡生長、加速痘痘愈合及淡化痘印,能夠促進疤痕與傷口的愈合。成份天然且不含防腐劑,溫和不刺激適合全家大小使用,擁有很好的緩解作用~ 😊

Net Weight: 10 grams

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