Botanic Face & Body Mist (Rose)

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A perfect companion for your skin to stay fresh and hydrated when you're on the go. Just give it a shake before you splash a creamy mist that will leave your skin refreshed with a dewy glow.

While a full regimen of recommended skincare takes time, there are ways to revive a tired or stressed-out complexion to get beautiful skin in just minutes.

It's also a perfect addition to your skincare routine, just give your face a spray in between your toner and moisturizer to help the product blend better.

This formula contains aloe vera extract and natural essential oils for intense hydration.

Shake well on mist bottle before use, spray on face and body anytime to get extra hydration for a healthy looking skin. Contains aloe vera extract and natural essential oils.


功效: 蘊含植物精油和蘆薈萃取液,可幫助保濕補水,具有抗菌消炎功效。味道清香讓人心情舒爽,可消除疲勞以及舒緩情緒。

用法: 當肌膚感到乾燥痕癢時,都可以隨時噴在肌膚上。使用時,先搖勻才在肌膚上噴灑數次,然後輕輕拍至均勻,很快便會被肌膚吸收,給予清爽的感覺。亦可作淡香水使用。

Net Weight: 100 grams